Experience a LoveNest WiFi Video Birdhouse

SINGLE CAMERA (Interior Only) or DUAL CAMERA (Interior and Exterior)

LoveNest® Smart Birdhouses offer a unique and fun way to view the lives of birds as they build their nest, lay their eggs, hatch their young, and fledge the next generation of birds in your yard.

A LoveNest® makes a fantastic gift for family and friends, providing years of entertaining activity filmed right outside the window.

LoveNest® owners are often amazed at how quickly this special form of birdwatching becomes a cherished pastime.

View all the action on your phone, tablet, desktop computer or Echo Show display

Waterproof HD WiFi Camera

1080p high definition WATERPROOF 2.4 Ghz WIFI video camera with night vision, motion detection, digital zoom, and crisp audio

Battery & AC Power

Each LoveNest® features a battery which allows your camera to operate for extended periods of time with no AC power

RING System Compatible

Connect your LoveNest® to your existing RING account – or establish an account – to enjoy all the action

Alexa & Echo Show Compatible

A LoveNest® smart birdhouse will work seamlessly with Amazon ALEXA and ECHO SHOW countertop display devices

Bragging Rights

LoveNest® gives you the ability to “crow” about having the coolest birdhouse in your neighborhood

Preserving Bird Species

Placing a LoveNest® in your yard helps support local bird species by providing a safer nesting area and shelter for roosting

Patent Pending Design

LoveNest® birdhouses feature a state-of-the-art, patent pending design

Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in handmaking each LoveNest® in the United States using top quality components

25 Foot Power Cord

Each LoveNest® comes with a 25-foot power cord for easy continuous use without the need to disturb the nest box

Heavy Duty Construction

Each LoveNest® is built and sealed with a commitment to maintaining structural integrity for years to come

Secure Hinged Front Panel

Maintaining the interior of the nest box is easy thanks to the hinged front panel secured by a convenient stainless steel thumb screw

Ventilated Nest Chamber

Discreet ventilation gaps protect against overheating and provide essential means of keeping the nest area dry 

Fledgling Portal Steps

Strategically placed Fledgling Portal Steps™ provide helpful claw holds to facilitate maneuvering around the portal

Portal Intruder Guard

Portal integrity is maintained by an indestructable metal guard that thwarts intruders seeking to invade the birdhouse

Beautiful Natural Texture

LoveNest® birdhouses feature a particularly claw-friendly exterior texture, just the way Mother Nature intended it.

Easy Secure Mounting

Your LoveNest® will mount securely on any flat surface thanks to the pre-installed thin profile mounting bracket

Insect Resistance

Our cedar birdhouses offer the benefit of deterring insect damage without the use of toxic chemicals

Weather Resistance

Isolated and sealed camera power compartment prevents damage from water intrusion

Sustainably-Sourced Wood

LoveNest® birdhouses are constructed using wood harvested by growers committed to responsible forest management

Recyclable Shipping Material

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Each LoveNest® is shipped using material which is recyclable and/or reusable

Happy Birds = Happy Yard

LoveNest® helps support a healthy population of birds which, in turn, assists with insect control around your home