About Us

The idea for the LoveNest® was hatched in 2013 when my middle-school-age son expressed interest in having a birdhouse with a camera inside to watch some of our backyard birds raise a family.

That was all the encouragement his bird-brained father needed to build the first version of what has evolved into the official LoveNest®.

The result is a delightful means of providing luxury accommodations to lucky avian families and an opportunity for you to have a unique “bird’s eye view” of their life in your backyard.

The LoveNest® is the first out-of-the-box fully-operational birdhouse product on the market featuring WiFi video technology, and it is designed from top-to-bottom with birds’ safety and comfort in mind.

Recently, the LoveNest® has benefitted from the artistic expertise of my youngest daughter who, at 14, designed the company logo.

Along the path of this father-son-daughter endeavor, there has been some impressive planning and attention to detail, intertwined with a periodic tendency to wing it. And, admittedly… a few utterances of “fowl” language.

In the end, we’re proud to offer you a product that we hope will help support your local bird species and provide you joy and entertainment for years to come.

and now, introducing our esteemed…


Claude Bluefeather III

World-renowned for his nest-building expertise, Claude has been a key contributor to our success. Claude is a teaching fellow at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, where students routinely flock to his courses in Cavity Studies, Nest Architecture, and Predator Dive Bombing. He perches on the board of Bluebirds of North America as well as Friends of the Chickadees – an organization dedicated to improving cross-species relations. A prolific author, Claude is best known for his fictional epic Lord of the Wings which has flown off the shelves since it was first published in 2016. He shares a nest with Ophelia Clawson, and they have 14 offspring living in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.