The Secret Life of Birds

Chickadee couple brings in material for their nest, makes a beak to beak transfer, and discusses the decor
Chickadee detects the presence of a bluebird and aggressively defends the nest
Male bluebird lands on the birdhouse, causing the chickadee to exit, and then makes himself at home in the nest (ultimately, the chickadees prevailed and raised their brood in the birdhouse)

What Birds Are Saying About Their LoveNest™…

“Our LoveNest™ is the best birdhouse the Mrs. and I have ever occupied.”

“The only thing I love more than our LoveNest™ is this hot tub.”

“If I had a better credit rating, I’d buy a LoveNest™ for all my relatives out West”

“I TOLD you we should have moved into the LoveNest™ before that other couple showed up. But noooooo…. you always have to do things YOUR way…”