Frequently Asked Questions

Can I paint my LoveNest® birdhouse?

We intentionally build each LoveNest® with no paints or stains which could be harmful to birds. We recommend LoveNest® owners “keep it simple!”

What WIFI frequency do I need to have to install the LoveNest®?

2.4 Ghz. We have chosen to use this frequency because it is better at handling longer distances than a 5.0 Ghz channel.

When I look at the interior of the birdhouse I see the word “VACANCY.” Why is that?

In light of increasing literacy rates among various bird species, we thought it would be helpful for visiting birds to know right away that the LoveNest® is available for occupancy.

Will birds only use the LoveNest® during nesting season?

Birds will visit the LoveNest® year-round. Beyond nesting season, birds may use the birdhouse to roost (rest/sleep) at night or during inclement weather.

Is the LoveNest® complicated to set up?

The LoveNest® comes fully assembled and ready to use. There is a simple process for connecting the birdhouse to an app on your phone, and then you’re ready to place the LoveNest® in your yard.

Is the camera equipment waterproof?

Yes, and all electrical components are UL listed for safety.

Should I only purchase and/or install a LoveNest® when it is nesting season?

There is never a bad time to put a LoveNest® into service. Even if it is not nesting season, it’s a great idea to give the birds in your area an opportunity to become familiar with the birdhouse in anticipation of using it for roosting or nesting when the time comes.

Do I have to purchase a subscription or pay ongoing monthly fees to be able to view the activity in the LoveNest®?

There is no required ongoing cost to view the activity in the birdhouse. Should you want the system to store videos of activity in the LoveNest® so you can view recordings at your leisure and share them with others, the cost is $3.00/month or $30.00/year (if billed annually). LoveNest® owners who are already multi-camera subscribers to Amazon’s RING network can add the LoveNest® to their account at no incremental subscription cost. We do recommend being on a subscription plan to get the most enjoyment out of your birdhouse experience.

Is it typical for a LoveNest® to experience some warping or cracking of the wood panels over time?

Yes. The LoveNest® is constructed from all natural, untreated cedar. Temperature and humidity fluctuations will cause some movement in the wood over the years, but the overall structural integrity should endure.

How do I know what cavity nesting birds are in my geographic area and which portal size I should pick?

A quick Internet search phrased as “cavity nesting birds in [input your state/region/city]” should provide good guidance regarding common birds in your area. From there you can select a portal size appropriate to the species that interests you most.

Does the LoveNest® I choose with a portal size for specific species guarantee that only those species will nest there?

Portal size is a vital aspect of birdhouse construction since birds are very particular about what size feels right and safe to them. Providing a portal size known to attract specific species greatly enhances the likelihood that those particular birds will show interest. That said, there is no guarantee that it will be a specific species that takes up residence.

Can I change the portal size in the future if I want to try attracting a different species?

Yes! If at any time you want to change the size of your portal to try something new, simply use our Contact Us page to let us know and we will assist you.

What warranty do you offer on the LoveNest®?

if there is a material structural failure or any problem with the electrical components or camera of a LoveNest™ within a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, we will repair or replace the defective part(s). The only exception would be damage arising from the actions or negligence of a LoveNest® owner or a third party. Simply use our Contact Us page to communicate with us and we will work with you to determine the best path to resolving the issue.