Echo Show Countertop Display with ALEXA [white]


Provides convenient, instant countertop view of activity in the birdhouse.

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Placing an Echo Show in a convenient location in your home, like a kitchen counter, offers a great complement to your LoveNest™ Birdhouse.  You can always see what is happening in the birdhouse on your cell phone, but the Echo Show adds a delightful and handy display that you can watch without lifting a finger (or a phone)!

The Echo Show can be configured to instantly let you see and hear what is happening in the birdhouse triggered by motion.  Alternatively, you can also say “show me the LoveNest” to check in.

It’s a fantastic source of entertainment for young and old alike.

Model: Echo Show 5 (2nd Generation, 2021 release, 2 megapixel camera, smart display with Alexa)