Heavy Duty Post Anchor


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Provides superior support for a standard 4×4 (3.5″ x 3.5″) post to support your LoveNest™ Birdhouse.

32 inches long and far more sturdy than many similar products on the market (which may be too short and actually not fit a 4×4 post well).  In particular, we do not recommend installing a birdhouse post with a 24 inch ground spike/anchor.

Use of this product eliminates the need for digging a hole or pouring concrete to install your LoveNest™ on a post.

Simply drive the spike straight into the ground using a 4x4x8 inch block of wood and a sledge hammer. We recommend using a level at several points along the way to confirm that the post will be exactly vertical once fully driven in.  Once the base of the post compartment is flush with the ground, insert a pressure treated 4×4 post and tighten the bolts.  We recommend using a post that is 8 feet tall.

Baked powder coating finish provides excellent rust resistance. Offers long term protection for the LoveNest™ since the wooden post is above ground level.